Strategies and Ideas for Using Avenue with Low CLB Learners

In this webinar, Margaret Stasiak, Avenue Developer and Ontario ESL liaison, demonstrated various strategies, ideas, and tips for using teaching resources available on Avenue with CLB 1-2 and literacy learners. Margaret presented examples of various online activities from units and modules in the Avenue Course Builder, and she discussed practical considerations for using them as is or adapting them for specific needs of low-proficiency and literacy learners. The webinar also included practical tips for using online resources in different modalities.

Using the Language Companion in Your Avenue Course

Nadine Leggett, project manager at Achēv, provided an overview of the newly released professional development training titled Respect and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. This self-paced training program explores Indigenous history and culture to enhance instructor’s knowledge and confidence to teach their learners Indigenous topics in their core language training courses.

Margaret Stasiak, Avenue Developer and Ontario ESL liaison, presented instructional content and perspectives for teaching Indigenous topics on Avenue. She demonstrated eUnits and modules available in Avenue’s CourseBuilder, as well as some practices that can help instructors embed Indigenous topics in their lessons, facilitate classroom discussions, and engage learners in meaningful and culturally appropriate learning activities.