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Online settlement language training solutions for adult newcomers and teaching professionals.

Avenue represents an expanded mandate to support e-learning in the IRCC-funded sector.

immigrant language training

Avenue provides individual interactive LINC course activities associated with listening, speaking, reading and writing, while offering opportunities for collaboration and discussion. Its structure, combined with the variety in course activities and tools, encourages active learning where learners control the pace and type of learning. The LINC courseware adapts to special needs clients and different learning preferences. Blended (hybrid) and online approaches to program delivery enable service providers to reach clients who otherwise cannot participate in programming.

Avenue provides:

mature man learning languageSince 2010, the LearnIT2teach project has supported blended learning through the hosting and distribution of CLB-aligned courseware, and four-stage training for LINC professionals on how to use the courseware and adapt it for their learners. The IRCC-funded language training sector need not worry about losing access to what we have been providing LINC professionals for the past thirteen years.

The LearnIT2teach team will continue to:

As we move into the 2020-25 funding cycle, the Avenue.ca project will continue to expand in capacity to support PBLA-based settlement language training. The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) and New Language Solutions (NLS) and other service providers will be developing more and more PBLA-aligned courseware, hosted on the Tutela side of Avenue, and available to teachers through the custom courseware builder function in the Avenue Moodle.

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Develop courseware and provide language educator accredited training and professional development to support the integration and adaptation of immigrants to Canada and contribute to the modernization of settlement language training. To achieve the project mission, we provide Canadian-centric blended resources and delivery tools, and we train language educators to engage immigrant clients using open-source learning technologies.


A Canadian newcomer population with ready access to information technology to assist their orientation and adaptation to Canada, support the development of their official language skills, and help them build IT foundation skills that will improve their employability and life skills.

A Canadian community of professional teaching practice (CoP ) in the field of Technology-enhanced language learning (TELL) and immigrant settlement language training where:


We strive to:

Furthermore, we support a Canadian TELL community of practice for settlement language training professionals by:

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