Creating an introduction to blended learning course for LINC programs

This webinar was delivered by Maria Kenward, a LINC and EAL instructor who has taught in a variety of programs in private, public and post-secondary settings. Passionate about adult education and digital literacy, Maria was offered the unique opportunity to collaborate with blended instructors to create an introduction to blended learning course, or Transitions, for new and continuing LINC students entering blended classes for the first time.
Explore the challenges and benefits of such a course, while Maria shares how the program has evolved and changed over the past five years in response to student, instructor and program needs.

Key takeaways include:
– lessons learned during the creation and implementation process;
– how classes like Transitions can become a foundation for a successful blended program; and
– how the ideas behind Transitions can be adapted for other programs and providers as they plan what post pandemic learning looks like, and as they embrace the increasing focus on essential digital skills in LINC and other EAL programs.…
Maria is a graduate of Queen’s Artists in Community Education B.Ed program, she was drawn to Adult Education after completing her TESL certification and post graduate certification in EAL.
She is currently completing her Master’s and when not studying or in the classroom, she can be found exploring the beautiful West Coast with her family, or at home with a large coffee, and an even larger crossword.