Episode 31: Part 2 with Dr. Tony Bates

This is the second of three podcast interviews recorded with Dr. Tony Bates, a leading light for Canadian educators on questions of blended, and online learning. In this episode, we are talking about the world of online learning in the aftermath of COVID-19.

How will all the innovations educators made in response to the crisis shape the adult education world of the future?

How will teaching be different post-COVID? Is face to face teaching always better than online? What will learners expect online versus face to face?

What are the affordances of face to face compared to online? Educators will be thinking much more carefully about how they should be using their face to face time.

Teachers might prefer to deal with more sensitive topics face to face.

People may be more reluctant to gather together.

Learners may want to understand why they are being asked to leave their homes and travel to school.

The answer may lie in what do students most enjoy doing.