Introduction to Extensive Reading on Avenue (Part 2)

In this second of a two-part webinar series on Extensive Reading (ER), John Allan and Sepideh Alavi, NLS mentors and content developers, explore the ER movement as an approach to language learning that encourages students to read at a comfortable level that inspires reading for pleasure, reinforces and strengthens the learner’s language foundation, and should build/boost L2 confidence as they progress through LINC levels.

The presenters delivered this second webinar explaining the Extensive Reading pilot course and the pathway towards the potential integration of an Extensive Reading program into Avenue.

During the presentation, John and Sepideh demonstrated the practical aspects of the Xreading platform on Avenue and invited volunteer teachers who are interested in the new Extensive Reading pilot project to try the course.

Only those instructors currently teaching LINC Literacy students are eligible to participate in the pilot phase.