Professional Development in Integrating Technology for Settlement Language Training

Doctors Phil Hubbard and Greg Kessler have been leading international lights in the world of Technology-enhanced language learning (TELL) for many years. From their academic positions at Stanford University and Ohio University respectively, they have each contributed as teacher trainers and authors to the theory and practice of online and blended language training. New Language Solutions, Inc. was very pleased to offer this opportunity for Canadian settlement language training professionals to gain Phil and Greg’s insights into better practices. In this one-hour webinar, Greg discussed innovative uses of technology for student engagement. Phil took ‘a deeper dive’ into listening in the digital age, drawing from research and practice along with examples from his Stanford listening and vocabulary course. Teachers were introduced to tools and strategies to help their students work effectively with online listening experiences outside of class, and they were provided with a link to the Stanford course notes for further exploration.


Phil Hubbard:

Slides –
Technology, Techniques, and Materials for Web Listening –

Greg Kessler: