Tips on How to Get Learners Involved on EduLINC Remotely

This LearnIT2teach webinar, by mentor Marjan Bateni, is for teachers in Stage 2.

It provides tips and demonstrates how to involve your students in the EduLINC courseware remotely.

The webinar focuses on basic, yet important, aspects of EduLINC and best practices on how teachers can help their students access the courseware and start using it remotely. The webinar includes:

1- Enrolling learners remotely – Including setting up learners’ profiles, keeping track of learners’ account numbers, providing simple instructions for learners’ on how to access edulinc courseware and how to do the activities

2- Keeping track of learners’ activities remotely – Including Grade Administration and the Attendance Register to keep track of learners’ scores and the time spent on edulinc

3- Getting the best out of help files – Including videos on how to do a SCORM, and how to post a text or a voice message in a Forum.

4- Creating simple video tutorials for your remote students by using Zoom