Episode 11: Part Three of an interview with Dr. Phil Hubbard, Stanford University

Teachers can act as ‘change agents’ by leading efforts to integrate CALL in their program.

But this can be a dangerous path if you become known as the techie teacher, and then are relied on for technical support.

Teachers in that position should be rewarded by administrators, but they should also try to teach skills to other teachers and students.

Teachers need to know a little technology ‘first aid’ in order to fix issues themselves.

CALL has evolved a lot in the past 30 years.

Mobile technology for learning and games for learning are two exciting new technologies.

But people need to think carefully about what really helps and not just adopt trendy technology.

Teachers facing challenging environments and perhaps suspicious of learning technology should try to ‘role play’ the language learner.

Dr. Hubbard suggests that teachers try using CALL materials in another language to experience technology from the learners point of view.

This way, teachers can learn to understand what learners enjoy and what might frustrate them.