Episode 18: Svetlana Lupasco, LINC Literacy Instructor

In the build up to TESL Ontario 2013, we are focussing lots of attention on practitioners.

What are the classroom benefits of blended learning? What does it take to get it going?

In this podcast, you’ll listen to Svetlana Lupasco describe her approach to ESL Literacy, the role technology plays in her teaching, and the courseware she has created for her classes.

Svetlana also gives us a sneak preview of what attendees can expect at her technology lab session at TESL Ontario 2013.

Svetlana is a LINC teacher, a 9-year TESL professional from Toronto and a recent graduate of Stage 4 in the LearnIT2teach training.

Svetlana shares her course materials at: (http://literacyesl.blogspot.ca/)