Episode 22: Jenfire

Jen Artan is another in our series of LINC professionals putting blended
learning to work.

Her class of 12 newcomers in London, Ontario are studying semi-independently in a specialized class organized around
face-to-face learning, on-the-job training and independent online study.

Jen has applied the LINC courseware and the Moodle learning management system to create an online environment accessible to learners 24/7, anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Jen has had to develop quite a lot of original curriculum for this novel program. She talks about how the class approached flexible learning and adapted to working independently. Jen also reflects on the LearnIT2teach training, the challenges of migrating to blended learning and its role in her classroom. 7 minutes.

For lots of additional informative and breezy reflection from Jen, be sure to check out her blog at http://jennfireblendedlearning.wordpress.com/