Episode 8: A conversation with Greg Kessler, Ohio University

r. Greg Kessler is Associate Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) in the Department of Linguistics and Director of the Language Resource Center at Ohio University.

He teaches CALL teacher preparation and research methods courses.

His research addresses CALL teacher preparation, teacher and student language use in collaborative constructivist language learning, the role of students and teachers in innovative pedagogical contexts, student and teacher autonomy, and the relationship between technology and change in the English language.

He has published widely in the area of CALL.

This seven minute conversation with LearnIT2teach Project Manager Rob McBride took place at TESOL Philadelphia 2012.

Greg describes how CALL resources are constantly expanding. Also the CALL world has evolved and today there is no necessity for teachers to know computer code.

New media and social networking are powerful new tools for language learning and teaching.

New technology offers all TESL practitioners new opportunities. TESL professionals who don’t take advantage are doing their constituents a disservice.

One of the best ways to integrate CALL into an ESL program is when one teacher gets things going and models success with CALL for her colleagues.

Successful integration of technology requires ‘institutionalizing’ CALL.