Episode 26, Spotlight on a LINC Teacher: Bonnie Sibley

This is the first in a new series of podcasts where we focus on one LINC teacher making exemplary use of learning technology. Bonnie Sibley teaches for Abbotsford Community Services in the Lower Mainland in BC. Bonnie has been teaching ESL for ten years and has been “…loving it and growing ever since.” Bonnie has completed all four stages of the LearnIT2teach teacher training.
She’s created her own resources and shared them on Tutela, including a mini app for goal setting, and a language companion to enable learner assessment and reflection.

Bonnie teaches part time CLB 6 courses, both mornings and evenings. Students access the courseware from wherever they have an Internet connection and computer, smartphone or tablet.
She uses checklists to help her and her learners organize and track their work. She also uses discussion forums to enable discussion between and among learners in her blended learning classes.
She even has students in one class communicating with learners in her other class.
She supplements the Edulinc learner courseware with resources on current events and Canada.
She sources some of her own resources such as TED Talks and Youtube videos.

Bonnie feels the online component of blended learning has increased learner access, engagement and participation.
Students even log on in the wee hours of the night: “They realize they have to be online to be successful.” And, “Students realize they need the technology and they need the skills to use it.”

The courseware supports PBLA in Bonnie’s opinion.
She uses the online component to encourage skill building.
“They know if I give them a skill-using or an assessment in class, that it’s linked or built on their online work.
It’s so helpful for me because I don’t always have the time.” Hers is a part-time program so when learners do work on their own time to build skills, it saves her time and helps keep the student progressing.

Bonnie’s last word: “I would encourage all teachers, every level, to seriously consider blended learning.”

Length: 12 minutes