Episode 27, Spotlight on a LINC Teacher: Agnes Kucharska

This spotlight on a teacher episode focuses on Agnes Kucharska, who teaches Literacy and CLB 1 for a LINC program in Hamilton Ontario. Agnes was nominated as an exemplary teacher by her LearnIT2teach project mentor.

The LearnIT2teach team often gets asked what the learner courseware can do for lower level learners.

Agnes describes what she’s doing with blended learning. Agnes started using the learner courseware while she was still in Stage 2 of the teacher training.

She’s now finished Stage 3 and is about to start Stage 4. Agnes started using Edulinc with her learners in 2016 with a class of about 20 students, and today she uses it with ten literacy students..

After the face-to-face traditional class, Agnes brings her learners to the computer lab where they practice what they’ve covered in class to give them the opportunity for repetition and practice that are especially important for low literacy learners.

The visuals included in the Edulinc courseware help learners understand what Agnes is teaching. Literacy and CLB 1 learners are sometimes afraid of using computers initially but as they move along they develop IT skills and learn to appreciate what learning technology can do.

Some even access the courseware outside class on their own initiative or go to the lab on their own after class or during lunch break.

Agnes clearly sees benefits for learners but she also has a message for other LINC teachers: Edulinc benefits teachers too by helping them stay organized.

Length: 9.5 minutes.